57th UKELG One Day Discussion Meeting on

“Explosion Hazards of Power Generation”

Thursday 30th March 2017

Imperial College





                    Roger Santon

                   Gas Turbine Fire and Explosion Safety


                   Tony Ennis, Haztech Consultants           

                   Practical issues in Fire and Explosion Prevention in Large Biomass Systems


                      James Luxford      RWE Generation UK

                   Investigation of a Biomass Explosion at Amercentrale Power Station 2014        


                    Seif Zitouni, Cardiff University

                   The influence of future power generation fuels on flame propagation


                    Tao Li, Fabian Hampp and Peter Lindstedt, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College

Time resolved flow field diagnostics of turbulent explosions in hydrogen enriched power generating fuels


                    Hans Michels, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College; Bruce Ewan Sheffield University

Overpressure hazards from exploding hydrogen enriched power generating fuels.