59th UKELG One Day Discussion Meeting on

“Modelling Practical Explosion Scenarios”

Thursday 26th April 2018

Radcliffe Conference Centre

Warwick University Conference Centre



10.30 - 11.15   “United States LNG Import and Export Regulations: Potential Problems in Explosion Modeling

Jerry Havens, University of Arkansas


11.15 - 11.45   “Modelling vented explosions in ISO containers with obstacles.”

Chandra Vendra and Jennifer Wen, Warwick University


11.45 - 12.15   "Modelling vented hydrogen deflagrations: the impact of user variability and model sensitivity"

James Stewart, HSL


12.15 – 12.45  “Evaluation of the Tianjin explosion and comparisons to the west fertiliser explosion, a review of risk management yesterday, today and tomorrow”


Dave Price, Gexcon


14.00 – 14.30  “Engineering models for the design of vent panels for protection against gas explosions”


Anubhav Sinha and Jennifer Wen, Warwick University


14.30 – 15.00  “Use of CFD during explosion accident investigations: challenges and solutions”


                        Kees van Wingerden, Gexcon AS


1500 – 1530    Explosion Mitigation by Water Curtain in Safety Gap: outline for a modelling exercise


                        Clara Huescar Medina, DNV GL