UKELG 2nd meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Accelerating Flames                      

HSE Buxton, 22nd June 1983


Harry Phillips, HSE,Buxton 

Towards  a  two-fluid model  for  flame acceleration


 A.C. Mclntosh, Cranfield  Institute  of Technology 

Second-order  theory of unsteady burner- anchored flames


H.L. Gray, University of  Southampton 

Numerical  simulation of  2-D unsteady  flames


JohnClarke, Cranfield Institute  of Technology

Induction  zone  evolution behind a  shock wave 


Peter Taylor, Shell  Research Ltd, Thornton

Flame  stretch  in pipe-like  geometry -  the  existence  of steady-state  flame  speeds.


R.A. Cox, Technica Ltd

Acceleration   of   flames   due   to   the   of rapid distortion turbulence.


W.J. Hirst, Shell  Research Ltd, Chester 

Small-scale experiments  to  investigate flame acceleration  using  soap bubble  techniques.  


John. Elsworth, Shell  Research Ltd 

Large-scale  combustion trials 


Peter Thorne, Fire Research Station 

Effect of  flame speed on vented explosion pressures.         


A.V. Howard, C.E.G.B. Harrogate 

    Some  factors  thought  to affect  the propagation of  flames   in coal-milling plant



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