UKELG 3rd meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Unconfined Vapour Cloud Explosions

Imperial College, Department of Chemical Engineering, 20th December,1993




John Clarke, Cranfield Institute of Technology 

Weak or strong ignition? A gas dynamical criterion!  


David Lewis, Liverpool 

Fundamental burning velocity relationships in spherical vessels


D. Martin, SRD, UKAEA, Warrington 

Computer modelling of unconfined vapour cloud explosions  


Bob Harris and Martin Vasey, British Gas, MRS, Solihull

Towards a rational explanation of vapour cloud explosions 


W.J. Hirst, Shell Thornton Research Centre, Chester 

Flame-generated pressure, resulting from combustion of large jet releases of liquid propane 


Clive Catlin, British Gas, MRS , Solihull 

An acoustic model for predicting the overpressures caused by the deflagration of a ground-lying vapour cloud 


Hugh Edwards, University College, Aberystwyth 

       Critical thickness for detonation transmission


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