UKELG 4th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Detonations in Gaseous Systems

Shell Research Limited, Thornton Research Centre,   Chester, September 1984


John Elsworth, Shell Thornton Research Centre  

Equality of energy requirements for indirect and direct initiation of gaseous detonation.  


John Clarke, Cranfield Institute of Technology 

The changes in flame structure with increase of flame speed 


Dr. P. Bauer, ENSMA, Poitiers, France

Cell and induction lengths in detonation waves of fuel-oxygen- nitrogen mixtures at high initial pressures


Peter Lindstedt, Imperial College, London 

Structure of deflagration to detonation transitions  


V.C. Marshall, Shipley,  W. Yorkshire 

Recent literature on vapour cloud explosions 


A. Ungut, Shell Thornton Research Centre 

The influence of exit geometry on the transmission of detonation waves from a pipe


  M.J. Moore, C.E.R.L., Leatherhead 

Examples of quasi-detonations in suspensions of coal dust


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