UKELG 5th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Vented Explosions          

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds,          

 29th May 1985                   



Derek Bradley 

Turbulent burning in relation to vented explosions  


J.P. Tite, British Gas, M.R.S., Solihull       

The mechanism of vented gas explosions 


George Munday, Information Search and Analysis Consultants 

        An analytical approach to the theory of venting 


Hugh Edwards, University of Wales,   Aberystwyth 

One  dimensional  wave  interaction model  of a vented explosion 


Mathew Eades, Technica Ltd.,   London 

Problems  in predicting explosion consequences  on offshore platforms  


Zoran Maksimovic, Boris Kidric  Institute, Beograd,   Yugoslavia 

Large  scale explosion of Eta in the Kubru Hiils  Chemical  Plant, Zagreb


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