UKELG 7th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Explosion Damage and Damage Assessment

British Gas Midlands Research Station, Solihull

1st July, 1987



F P Allwood, CEGB, Nottingham

Damage Assessment in the CEGB Midlands Area      


M R Baum, CEGB, Berkeley

Blast and Gas-Pressurised Missiles resulting from Rupture of Vessels


Bill High, Independent Consultant

         Hydraulic Pressure Test Failure of Vessel


David Pritchard, HSE, Buxton,

Methods for Predicting Blast Damage from Vapour Cloud Explosions


David J Lewis, Independent Consultant

Building Screening Effects and Blast Damage Interpretation


N F Scilly, HSE, Bootle

Variable Response of Structures   (in particular Houses)   to Blast Waves


Mihsein, BG ERS, Newcastle

Structural   Integrity of LNG Storage  Tanks


D Crowhurst, FRS, Borehamwood

The Response of a Wooden Panel to Explosion Pressures

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