UKELG 10th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Explosions in Industry


University College of Wales, Aberystwyth


21-23 September 1989



Dr Martin Pantony, HSE, Bootle

Explosion Hazards in Industry


Martin Braithwaite, ICI plc

Bubble Collapse: ignition in potentially flammable liquids


Chris Wheatley, SRD, UKAEA, Culcheth

Flame acceleration in 1-D geometries


Herodotos Phylaktou, University of Leeds

Flame propagation, rates of pressure rise and the influence of obstacles in gas explosions in vessels with large L/D ratios


C van Wingerden, TNO, Rijswijk, Netherlands

Flame acceleration due to obstacles and partial confinement and venting of methane-air explosions in a 38.5 m room


Mlle Sylvie Audebert, Gaz de France, La Plaine St Denis, France

Study of explosive properties of inflammable

mixtures by the Shock Tube technique


John Clarke, Cranfield Institute of Technology

Recent progress in theoretical studies of evolution to detonation


Hans Michels, Imperial College, London

The influence of flow in marginal detonation


Michael   Hey, HSE, RLSD, Buxton

The  effect  of  vent  ducts,   their width  and  the ignition position  on  full  scale dust  explosions


Clive Catlin, BGMRS, Solihull

External overpressures   caused by a confined, vented explosion


Ake Harmanny, Stuv-Ex International, Antwerp

Hazards from flame jets in vented explosions 


George Munday, ISC, London

Blast waves   from bursting discs


Mike Johnson, BGMRS, Solihull

Scaling of vapour cloud explosions   


Jan Pieter van Zeeuwen, Stuv-Ex Nederland, Antwerp       

    Blast prediction for vapour cloud explosions 

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