UKELG 11th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Blast Response of Structures


National Nuclear Corp. Ltd., Booths Hall, Knutsford

6th April 1990 

Dr. M. Mihsein, BGERS, Newcastle

The dynamic response of structures


Dr. D. Crowhurst, FRS, Borehamwood

The response of elastic panels to dynamic loads


D. Hughes, NNC Ltd., Knutsford

Derivation of overpressure and its distribution within a structure


Luiz H. Hernandez-Gomez, University of Oxford

Study of crack growth in pressurised components under shock loading


J. Jowett, SRD AEA Technology, Warrington

A model to predict the blast response of cantilevers


Ir. A. Harmanny, Stuvex Benelux, Deurne, Belgium

A model to predict the breaking pressure of window panes and calculate the extent of explosions


Dr. G. Carr Hill, The Home Office, London

The response of UK houses to external explosions


H. Salih, NNC Ltd., Knutsford

The use of dynamic analysis in the design process for impact and blast loadings


C. Mills, WS Atkins, Epsom

The design of structures to resist explosions


Ir A. van Beek, Shell EXPRO, Aberdeen

The design of off-shore structures against explosion loads


Ir. W. Mercx, Prins Maurits Laboratory, TNO, Delft, Netherlands

The joint U.K., France, Netherlands Research Proposal to CEC, STEP on 'Blast propagation and loading in realistic environments'

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