UKELG 12th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Mitigation, Suppression and Prevention of Explosions


BGMRS Solihull, 8 May 1991.


E. Toro, Cranfield

The 'Weighted Average Flat' numerical method for

Strong Blast Waves


 H. Phylaktou, University of Leeds

The prediction of obstacle induced turbulence factors


A.McIntosh, University of Leeds

Pressure interactions with conventional flames


Y. Wu, Sheffield

Experimental studies of small scale venting explosions


G. Chamberlain, Shell Expro

Mitigation by venting and layout in real offshore modules


P. Timmers, TN a-Rijswijk

Can one allow brush discharges with respect to the prevention of dust explosions?


D. Fletcher, Culham Labs

Avoidance of steam explosions


A. Jones, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Water spray suppression of small scale gaseous explosions


D. Johnson, BGMRS

Mitigation of gas cloud explosions by water sprays


C. Catlin, BGMRS

A simple analysis of the interaction of water sprays with explosions


K. Bray, University of Cambridge

Suppression of explosions by water sprays


D. Bott, University of Cambridge

Effect of water addition of stretch extinction of turbulent flames

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