UKELG 14th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Prediction of Process Plant Explosions


University of Sheffield, 3rd June   1992




Dr Jill Wilday, University of Sheffield

Objectives, Quantification and Accuracy in Prediction of Process Plant Explosions          


D  Fletcher, SRD, Culham Laboratory

Steam Explosions; Multiphase Detonations or Deflagrations? 


C  Catlin, BGMRS, Solihull

Prediction of Pressure generated by Vapour Cloud Explosions


P Guilbert, AEA Industrial Technology, Harwell

Preliminary Predictions of Industrial Explosions using FLOW3D


H  Phylaktou, University of Leeds

Prediction   of   Explosion Relief Requirement for Long Enclosures based on totally Confined Tests


Miss Y Wu, University of Sheffield

A Mathematical Model of Venting Explosions


N Maddison, Chilworth Technology Ltd, Southampton

Lessons from a Recent Incident Investigation


M Goose, HSE, Major Hazards Assessment Unit, Bootle

Assessment of Explosion Danger in the MHAU's Advice


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