UKELG 15th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Effect of Dispersed Inerts on Gaseous Explosions

University of Oxford, 8 December 1992


Dr G Thomas, Aberystwyth

Effects of dispersed inerts   on gaseous explosions


V A Milne, FGE Ltd, Witley

Numerical modelling of two-phase flow 


M Gilbertson, University of Oxford

       Transformation of experimental observations of dispersed-phase jets for comparison with continuum CFD calculations  


J  Brenton, Aberystwyth

Flame acceleration by water sprays


S  Cooper, Kidde Graviner, Slough

Active detonation arresters  


C  Catlin and S Trimm, BGMRS, Solihull

Explosion Mitigation in offshore modules by general deluge systems


K van Wingerden, CMI, Fantoft, Norway

Mitigation experiments using water sprays in a 1:5 scale offshore module


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