UKELG 16th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Explosion Models: Strengths and Limitations



ZENECA, Blackley, Manchester, 8 June 1993



P. Lindstedt, Imperial College, London

Progress in the Modelling of Turbulent Gas Explosion


G. Munday, IS&A Consultants, London

Some advantages from the use of analytical models

in conjunction with numerical techniques


H. Phylaktou, University of Leeds

An empirical turbulent combustion model: the

influence of length scale


C Wheatley, AEA Technology, Risley

Pressure Wave interactions with accelerating flames      


A  Milne, Fluid Gravity Engineering Ltd, Witley

Numerical modelling of the interaction of detonation waves with structures


G Monks, BNFL, Risley

The prediction of plate deformations from
detonative impact, using the DYNA 3D Code


J Puttock, Shell Research Ltd, Thornton

        SCOPE: A physically based model for vented explosions


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