UKELG 17th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Acceleration of Confined and Unconfined Flames


Tuesday 20th September 1994


David Bull, Shell Research

An overview of current industrial concerns and of recent research at Thornton


Derek Bradley, Leeds University

Instabilities and turbulence


Geraint Thomas, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Shock-flame interactions; the generation of turbulent flames and transition to detonation


Georgy Makhvifadze, University of Central Lancs and Academy of Sciences, Moscow

The Ufa catastrophe: hydrogen cloud evolution and hydrodynamic consequences


Salah Ibrahim, British Gas

Theoretical and experimental studies of flame acceleration in explosions in cylindrical vessels


Peter Lindstedt and T. Hulek, Imperial College

A study of transient premixed turbulent flames using transported pdf method


Stuart Cant, UMIST

Flamelet reaction rate modelling and validation


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