UKELG 18th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Solid Explosions

RMCS, 20 September 1995 


Dr Peter Dickson, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University

Characteristics of the ignition and detonation of solids


Prof. W Byers Brown, UMIST

Equations of State for reactants and products in condensed phase detonations


Damian Swift, AWE Aldermaston

Detonation wave propagation: the WBL model


Dr Geraint Thomas, Univ.College of Wales, Aberystwyth

Ignition of Clouds of Solid Explosive dusts


Damian Swift, AWE Aldermaston

Equations of state for metals + exp aluminium results


Prof. Alan Bailey, R.M.C.Shrivenham

Use of the DISPRE Programme in predicting the breakup of buildings


Paul Cooke, Kidde Fire Protection Ltd, Northolt

Explosion Suppression Systems

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