UKELG 19th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Trends in Explosion Research


University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 22-24 April 1996


22nd April


Prof. John Lee, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, McGill University, Montreal.

A personal perspective of key issues in explosion research.


Dr. P. J. Fearnley, UK HSE Offshore Safety Division, Bootle

Safety on Offshore structures: lessons from the assessment of safety cases??


Dr. A. P. Franks, UK HSE, Major Hazard Assessment Unit (MHAU), Bootle

Current areas of interest for MHAU


Mr. R. C. Santon, HSE, NW Field consultancy group.

Combined Heat and power plants - Gas explosion hazards


Dr. F. P. Nichols, ICI Engineering, Runcorn

Problems in design for fire and explosions - a pragmatic perspective from an engineer


Mr. G. S. Melville, Burgoyne Consultants

Lessons from accident investigations and case studies


Prof. Tedorczyk, University of Warsaw, Poland

Flame acceleration by repeated obstacles


Dr. R. Phylaktou, Department of Fuel and Energy, University of Leeds

Some aspects of explosion research at Leeds


Mr. D. M. Johnson, British Gas Research Centre, Loughborough

Overview of a full scale experimental programme- offshore geometries


Dr. J. Puttock, Shell Research Centre, Thornton

Current Gas Explosion work at Shell


Mr. P. J. Rew, W.S. Atkins, Epsom, Surrey

Flame propagation through non-homogeneous gas clouds


Dr. P. J. Bowen, Dept. Mechanical Engineering, University of Wales, Cardiff

Mist explosions


23rd April


Prof. B. Hjertager, Tel Tek, University of Porsgrunn, Norway

Current capabilities in explosion modelling using CFD


Dr. D. K. Pritchard, HSE, Health and Safety Laboratory, Buxton

Gas explosion models - types, limitations and future needs


Dr. S. Cant, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Simulation and modelling of turbulent flames and explosions


Dr. A. McIntosh, Dept. Fuel and Energy, University of Leeds

Acoustics- resonances


Dr. A. M. Savill, Department of Engineering, Cambridge

An unstructured adaptive mesh CFD approach to the prediction of explosions


Dr. P, Cleaver, British Gas Research Centre, Loughborough

Mathematical modelling of gas explosions


V. Tam

Use of modelling in design


Dr. H. Michels, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College

Recent research on marginal detonations 


Dr. A Milne, FGE Ltd

Modelling of shocks and detonation, including finite rate chemistry 


Dr. G.O.Thomas, Department of Physics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Current and future detonation research at Aberystwyth 


Dr. M. Short, Department of Mathematics, University of Bristol

Linear stability of detonations - recent advances in detonation modelling


Dr. G. Schleyer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Liverpool

Blast response studies at the Liverpool impact research centre


D. Crowhurst, Fire Research Centre

Near field blast effects from vented explosions


Mr. S. Formby, HSE Health and Safety Laboratory, Buxton

Quantification of air-blast from commercial explosives


Dr. L. Absil, TNO, Prins Maurits Laboratories, Netherlands

Far field blasts from vapour cloud explosions and interaction with housing


24th April


Prof. Wolanski

Current research activities on dust explosion worldwide


Dr. G. Lunn, HSE Health and Safety Laboratory, Buxton

Priorities for explosion research at HSE


Dr. J. Gibbins, Department Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College

Measuring volatile yield for coal dust explosion prediction


Dr. D. Dixon, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Brunel University

A new method for arresting underground tunnel explosions

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