UKELG 20th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Vented Explosions



University of Leeds, 18 September 1996


Dr. R. Phylaktou, Dept. of Fuel and Energy, University of Leeds

        Vented Gas Explosions in Long Vessels


Dr. S. S. Ibrahim, British Gas plc

Studies of Flame Propagation in Cylindrical Vessels and Ducts


Dr.H. Michels, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College

       Detonation of a Venting Gas Stream


Prof. J. W. Dold, Dept. of Mathematics, UMIST

The Acceleration of Flames in Vented Explosions


Prof. J. Tollosco, The Steel Construction Institute

        Phase II Full Scale Explosion Test programme


Dr. G. Lunn, HSE Buxton

        Dust Explosion Venting


Dr. J. Puttoek, Shell Research Ltd

        Vented Explosion Experiments and Validation of the SCOPE Model


Dr. A. Mclntosh, Dept. of Fuel and Energy, University of Leeds
        Decompression Waves and Flames During Venting


Dr. D. Crowhurst, Building Research Establishment, Garston
        Vented Gas and Dust Explosions: the work of FRS


Mr. P. Cooke, Kidde Fire Protection
        Explosion Suppression Systems


Dr. I. Jones, AEA Technology plc

        Prediction of Vented Explosions using CFX4


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