UKELG 21st meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group




Department of Mechanical Engineering The University of Liverpool

8 April 1997


Professor N. Jones, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Liverpool

Blast Response of Structural Members


Mr. A. Tyldesley, HSE, Bootle

       Pressure Shock Resistant Process Plant


Dr J Wilday, HSE Laboratory, Sheffield 

Response of Heat Exchanger Shell to Internal Blast Effects 


Dr. B. C. R. Ewan, Mr. M. Moatamedi, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Sheffield

Response of Cylindrical Structures to Asymmetric Internal and External Pulse Loading


J. C. A. M. van Doonnal, R. M. M. van Wees, TNO, The Netherlands
Test Method to Measure the Resistance of Panels Under a Blast Load 


Professor G. N. Nurick, Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Cape Town, South Africa 

Structural Components Subjected to Blast Loads Resulting in Large Inelastic Deformation and Subsequent Material Failure 


Mr. C. A. Selby, The Steel Construction Institute, Mr. D. Campbell, British Gas plc 

Experimental Research into the Blast Response of Structures


Dr. G. K. Schleyer, Department of Mechanical Engineering

The University of Liverpool 

Pulse Pressure Loading of Thin Metal Plates 


Dr. G. O. Thomas, University of Wales, Aberystwyth 

Detonation Loading and Response of GRP Pipes 


Dr. I. G. Cullis, Mr. J. MacMahon, DRA, Fort Halstead 

Numerical Simulation of Blast Waves and their Interaction with Structures

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