UKELG 25th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Industrial Combustion Hazards

Joint meeting with the Combustion Institute (British Section)

14th April 1999

Leeds University

Graham Atkinson, HSL, Buxton

Industrial fires and explosions - the view from the I Chem E accident database

Brian Tyler, S & T Consultants Ltd

Towards quantifying liquid two-phase combustion hazards

Phil Bowen, University of Wales, Cardiff

Burning velocity enhancement in quiescent aerosol flames

Malcolm Lawes, University of Leeds

Ignition by laser - irradiated surfaces

Fred Carlton, Imperial College, London

Explosion hazards in vent collection systems

Tony Ennis, ICI Runcorn and Richard Bambrey, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Explosion development in pipeline systems and linked vessels

Roth Phylaktou, University of Leeds

Models for turbulent gas explosions: development and evaluation from experiments

and case studies

Peter Lindstedt, Imperial College, London


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