UKELG 27th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


3rd Aberystwyth Symposium on Explosions 


University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 16-19 April 2000


Monday 17 April


Prof. S. Dorofeev, Russia

Review of recent hydrogen explosion and detonation studies


G. Chamberlain, Shell Global Solutions

Effects of partial filling and poor mixing on gas explosions


R.C. Santon and D.K. Pritchard, UK HSE

The consequences of ignition in partially filled enclosures


P. Cleaver, BG Technology

       Gas dispersion in congested regions


Prof. V. Molkov, University of Ulster

Universal vent sizing technique for gaseous deflagration


Dr P. Bowen, University of Wales, Cardiff

Two-phase hydrocarbon flammability and explosion hazards


Tuesday 18 April


C. O’Carroll, DERA, Farnborough

Assessment tools for predicting damage to structures from blast


G. Smart, Department of Engineering, University of Liverpool

Pulse pressure testing of 1/4 scale stainless steel blast walls and connections


M. Dorn, Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd.

Prediction of the response of masonry buildings to blast


M. Goose, HSE Hazardous Installations Directorate

Current HSE projects - onshore explosion hazards and location and design of buildings


P. Renwick, HSE Hazardous Installations Directorate

Offshore hydrocarbon releases - active mitigation and survivability of offshore explosions


G. Munday

Funding Research: potential resources from requirements for technical evaluations in investigations relating to litigation


Prof A. Teodorczyk, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

VEX - computer code for engineering calculations of equilibrium combustion and gas explosions       in closed and vented vessels


A. McIntosh, University of Leeds

Pressure Interactions with strained premixed flames


I. Smith, AWE Aldermaston

The development of a dynamic pressure vessel design methodology for explosive containment


J. Puttock, Shell Global Solutions

Recent developments in Shell’s explosion models


Wednesday 19 April


J. Venart, University of New Brunswick, Canada

The 1974 Flixborough Cyclohexane UVCE accident: reviewed and re-analyzed


A. van den Aarssen, DSM Research, Netherlands

Flame acceleration in ammonia/hydrogen/air mixtures up to 150 bara


Prof. A Teodorczyk, Warsaw University of Technology

Large scale ethylene explosion - case study of an accident in a Polish petrochemical plant


P. Zeeuwen, Chilworth Technology Ltd.

       The explosibility of flour in the milling process


Prof. D. Bull, Firebrand International Ltd.

       Al + O2 = NO GO

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