UKELG 28th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Explosion Chemistry

 6 December 2000

Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham



     Prof. Juergen Warnatz, University of Heidelberg

            Reaction Kinetics of Ignition Processes  

    Dr. Paul Seakins, University of Leeds

            An Overview of Experimental and Theoretical Methods for Studying

            Elementary Radical Reactions at Extreme Conditions 

    Dr. Caroline Lowe, University of Cambridge

            Non-Linear Aspects of Propellant Combustion 

    Dr. Philip Stopford, AEA Technology

            CFD Model for the Simulation of Ignition in Lean Methane-Air Mixtures 

    Dr. Peter Haskins, DERA, Fort Halstead, Kent

            Detonics Modelling at DERA 

    Dr. Arief Dahoe, Delft University of Technology

            Burning Velocity of Premixed Gases and Dust-Air Mixtures 

    Prof. Bill Byers Brown, University of Manchester

            Theory of Non-Ideal Detonations 

    Prof. Martin Braithwaite, RMCS Shrivenham

        Ethylene Oxide Decomposition Studies


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