UKELG 29th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Survivability of Structures and Personnel to Explosions 

10 April 2001 

University of Liverpool


Mr. Martin Goose - HSE

Location and Design of Occupied Buildings


Dr. Graham Schleyer, University of Liverpool

Tools for Evaluating Blast Damage to Structures


Mr. Tony  Ennis, HAZTECH Consultants Ltd.

Review of Blast Damage to Various Structures


Mr. Mike Gough, Corus

Steel-Concrete-Steel Structures to Resist Blast


Dr. Geraint Thomas, University of Wales

Magnitude and Duration of Overpressures During DDT


Dr. Jim Sheridan, DERA, Fort Halstead

Weapons Effects on Structures in Kosovo


Dr. Andy Sedman, DERA, Porton Down

Personal Protection and Studies on Human Vulnerability Within Structures


Mr. Steve Holland, AIGIS

Landmine Protection Boots


Mr. John Wyatt, SDS Group

Use of Bomb Shelter Areas Against Terrorist Threats


15.20 Mr. David Jones

Physical And Psychological Effects of a Terrorist Bomb Incident


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