UKELG 30th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group



Explosions in Flammable Aerosols, Mists and Dusts

18th September 2001

School of Engineering,

Queens Building, University of Wales - Cardiff


   	Dr. Geoff Lunn, HSL Buxton
            Some Recent Work on Ignitions in
            Dust Clouds and Dust Deposits            
  	Dr. Arief Dahoe, University of Cambridge
            Determination of the Laminar Burning Velocity
            and the Markstein Length of Dust-Air Flames            
   	Dr David Evans, Fluid Gravity (St Andrews).
            Numerical Modelling of Two Phase Detonations            
   	Mr. Antonios Markos, University of Wales - Cardiff
            Source Terms for Two-Phase Mist Explosions     
   	Mr. Will Medd, Aberystwyth University
            Aerodynamic Break-up of Liquids in Shock Waves:
            Influence of non-Newtonian Fluid Properties
  	Mr. Andrew Crawford, University of Wales - Cardiff
            Studies of Explosion/Mist Interaction in a
            Novel Cloud Chamber/ Combustor
  	Dr S Ibrahim, Loughborough University
            On the Application of Compressible Large Eddy Simulation
            in Vented Explosions 
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