UKELG 31st meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Condensed Phase Explosions

16th April 2002 

Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University  


Prof. Alan Bailey, RMCS, Cranfield University

Swords into Ploughshares invited demonstration lecture


Dr. Michael Gifford, University of Cambridge

Type II DDT in condensed phase explosions


Prof. Andy McIntosh, Leeds University

Ignition Phenomena in a reactive solid containing a hotspot


Dr. Bill Proud, Cambridge University

Hot Spots in Ammonium Nitrate


Prof. Bibhu Mohanty, Toronto University

Initiation modes and energy release in non-ideal commercial explosives


Mr. Claude Cunningham, AEL, RSA

Field use and blast measurements of commercial explosives


Dr. Gary Sharpe, Birmingham University

Non-ideal detonations with reversible reactions


Dr. Peter Haskins , Qinetiq

The effect of solid additives on the detonation characteristics of liquid explosives


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