UKELG 32nd meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Generation of Explosive Mixtures


University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield 17th December 2002 


Dr P Bowen, Cardiff University

       Generation of Explosive Mixtures from Liquid Fuels


Dr Yehuda Sinai, AEA Technology

CFD modelling of dispersion and leak hazards in gas turbine enclosures          


Dr Malcolm Lawes, Leeds University

Enhanced burning rates and instabilities in droplet clouds


Mr Tony Ennis, Haztech Consultants

       Practical Source Term Estimation for VCE Modelling


Dr P Cleaver, Advantica

Cloud Formation in Offshore Modules - A Review of Some Recent Experiments


Dr P Bowen & Mr V Cleary, Cardiff University

       Generation of Explosive Mixtures from Superheated fuels


Dr C Lea & Dr D K Pritchard, HSL Buxton

Outstanding Safety Questions:  Use of Gas Turbines for Power Generation


Mr I Vince, Consultant

       Hydrogen Explosions on Ore carrying ships

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