UKELG 33rd meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Modelling of Explosions and Reactive Flow

University of Birmingham, 14-15th April 2003


Monday 14th April


Brian Dobson, Uniquema

    Future Research in Alkoxylation Process Safety


Tim Snee, HSL, Buxton

    The influence of surfactant on thermal runaway in a vented reactor (EU AWARD Project) 


Joel Daou, UMIST

     Effect of heat-loss on premixed flames in presence of a flow field


Brian Lambourn, AWE

     An Analytic Model for the early stages of SDT in a heterogeneous explosive


John Dold, UMIST

     The structure and stability of premixed flames modelled using branching chemistry


John Lyman, Los Alamos

     Modelling Laser Induced Ignition of HMX


Andy McIntosh, Leeds

     Hot Spot Ignition within Reactive Material


Sergei Sahzin, Brighton

     Delayed thermal explosion in flammable gas containing fuel droplets


Malcolm Cook, Qinetiq

     Cook-off experiments and modelling


Tuesday 15th April


Stewart Cant, Cambridge

     Coupled Modelling of Gas Explosions and Structural Response


Jonathan Puttock, Shell Global Solutions

     Recent developments in the Shell gas-explosion models (CAM, SCOPE, EXSIM)


Kevin Kendall, Birmingham

     Fuel cell topic


Mark Short, Illinois

     Oscillatory combustion in microscale channels and burners.


Caroline Lowe, Cambridge

     Numerical methods for two-phase detonating flows


Alec Milne, Fluid Gravity

     Modelling of afterburning of TNT


Greg Fairlie, Century Dynamics

     Simulation of Mine Blast using Euler-Lagrange Coupling


Sam Falle, Leeds

     Relaxation shock structures


James Oliver, Nottingham

     Thin-film theories for two-phase reactive flow models of active cell motion



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