UKELG 34th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Process Safety and Process Plant Explosions
University of Loughborough 
17 Sept 2003    
Geoff Hankinson, Dept Chemical Engineering, Loughborough University

    Safety Related Research at University of Loughborough


Martin Goose, HID Central Division, (MSDU), HSE

    CIMAH to COMAH - Information to Demonstration


Tony Ennis, HazTech Consultants

    CIMAH to COMAH - Demonstration to Implementation


Prof. Paul Chung, Dept Computer Science, Loughborough University

    Computer Aided HAZOP


Simon Waldram/Derek McIntosh, HEL Ltd, Barnet

    Pressure Relief of Reactors


Geoff Chamberlain, Shell Global Solutions UK, Chester

    Accidental Explosions in Process Plant: Concerns and Solutions


Prof. Trevor Kletz, Loughborough University and Cheadle, Chester

    The Inevitability of Ignition


John Griffiths, Dept Chemistry, University of Leeds

    SAFEKINEX: An EU Project to provide Predictive Tools for Explosion and Ignition Hazards in    Chemical Industry


Andrzej Pekalski, Explosion group, Delft University of Technology

    Proper determination of the upper flammability limit at elevated conditions  


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