UKELG 35th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Experimental Techniques in Explosion Research


Department of Engineering, University of Liverpool, 22 April 2004 


Ir Andrzej Pekalski, Delft University of Technology

Determination and modelling of explosion parameters at elevated pressure and/or temperature: SAFEKINEX a European Union research project


Mr Ian Smith, AWE Aldermaston

Experimental techniques employed at AWE for explosion research


Dr Genevieve Langdon, University of Liverpool

       Explosive testing of novel fibre-metal laminates


Dr Andy Telford, BNFL Magnox

Blast resulting from pressure vessel failure


Dr Graham Schleyer, University of Liverpool

       Pulse pressure testing of scaled steel blast panels


Dr David Pritchard, HSL, Buxton

Experimental techniques employed at HSL for explosion research


Mr Ian Pink, University of Cardiff

       Influence of Initial State Conditions on Explosion Quantification


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