UKELG 37th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Science of Gas Explosions

Tuesday 22 March 2005

Leeds University

Derek Bradley, Leeds University.

    Gaseous Explosions Fundamentals


Chris Morley, Leeds University

    Calculating Combustion Properties using Gaseq


Vladimir Molkov, Ulster University

    LES of Large Scale Explosions: Physics, Numerics and Validation


Andy McIntosh, Leeds University

    Pressure Interactions in Gaseous Explosions


StewartCant, Cambridge University

    Explosion Modelling in Complex Geometries


Andrezj Pekalsk, Shell Global Solutions, Chester

    Numerical Analysis of Negative Temperature Coefficient Hazards to Perfectly

    Stirred Reactor Control.


David Bull, UKELG 

    Fundamental Scope Review of SAFINEX; what else does this meeting think we

    need ?


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