UKELG 39th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Experimental Studies in Gas Explosions

30th March 2007

Kingston University

Olav Roald Hanson, GexCon

Overview of gas explosion experiment


Siva P R Muppala, Faculty of Engineering, Kingston University

        Lean premixed turbulent flames vs. hydrogen explosion: a short survey covering experimental, theoretical and analytical studies


Martyn Van Der Voort, TNO

          Extended research into guidance on separation distances


Phil Bowen, School of Engineering, Cardiff University

         Laminar flame propagation through methane and methane/water mixtures 


Helmut Schneider, Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology

        Fast deflagrations and transition to detonation in large scale experiments


 Andrzej Teodorczyk, Warsaw University of Technology
         Flame propagation and DDT in obstructed channels


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