UKELG 41st Meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Hazards from Flame Acceleration and Transition to Detonation

13th May 2008

Shell Technology Centre Thornton



Helen James, HSE Bootle

Basic Phenomenology of Deflagration, DDT and Detonation


Tony Ennis,Haztech ConsultantsLtd                                                                                      

Flame Acceleration and Transition to Detonation in Process Pipes: An experimental  study


Derek Bradley, Leeds University

Flame acceleration and DDT in a pipe, closed at one end


Sergio Ferraris, Kingston University

Flame acceleration around obstacles - numerical simulation with OPENFOAM


Peter Schildberg, BASF SE

Determination of the composition ranges in which Propene/O2/N2 and Methane/O2/N2 transit from deflagration to detonation in vessels of 20l and 2500l


Helen James, HSE Bootle

Example of industrial Incidents involving DDT and detonations


Heather Gibben, Syngenta Ltd

Flame acceleration and DDT issues from an industrial perspective


Andrzej Pekalski, Shell Global Solutions

Application of detonation flame arresters