UKELG 43rd meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Mathematical Modeling of Ignition, Combustion and Explosion

24th-25th June 2009

Imperial College, London

Peter Haskins, Qinetiq

Challenges in the modelling of initiation, growth and propagation of
condensed phase detonation

Stephen Puttick, Syngenta

                Determination of the spontaneous ignition behaviour of dust accumulations 

Hans Michels, Imperial College

                 Some conclusions on the stability of improvised explosives based on hydrogen peroxide

Peter Schildberg, BASF, Ludwigshafen

The need to calculate detonation pressure profiles and use them as a source term in FE calculations to quantify the response of containment subjected to these events

Martin Braithwaite, Imperial College

                 Simulation of detonations in mining application

Andrzej Pekalski, Shell Global Solutions
                 Application of detailed kinetic models to ignition processes, limitations

Geoff Chamberlain, Loughborough University

The Buncefield explosion - a summary of Phase 1 of the Buncefield explosion
mechanism technical group

Stefan Ledin, HSL, Buxton

Modelling of health and safety related problems - future direction

Trygve Skjold, GEXCON

                 Current and future R&D activities at GexCon

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