UKELG 44th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Mist Explosions

9th September 2009

HSL Buxton

Prof. Phil Bowen, Cardiff University

                 Mist Explosions an overview

Roger Santon, HSL Buxton

                 Mist explosions incident survey 

Henk Witlox, DNV Software and Prof. Phil Bowen, Cardiff University

Two phase jet releases and droplet dispersion: experiments, droplet size correlation development and model validation

Dr Epaminondas Mastorakos, Cambridge University

Flame propagation in laminar and turbulent sprays 

Dr Malcolm Lawes, University of Leeds

                 Measurement of laminar burning rates of aerosol mixtures

Stephen Puttick, Syngenta

                 Flammable mists of materials below their flash point: industrial issues and characterisation

Nigel Allen, Chilworth Technology Ltd

                 Mist fires and explosions: fact or myth? 

David Holton, SIRA

Protecting electrical equipment against mist hazards

Ian Buckland, HSE

                Mist explosions and DSEAR the HSE view 

Brian Smith, QMI Ltd

                What is required of a reliable mist detection system?

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