UKELG 47th meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group


Condensed and Gas Phase Detonation Phenomena

23rd September 2011

Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Caroline Handley - AWE, UK

                                Modelling of High Explosives at AWE

Bill Proud -Imperial College, UK

                                 The Shock Response of Granular and Biological Systems

Nikos Nikoforakis - Cambridge University, UK

                                  Current Research on Condensed Phase Detonation Modelling in LSC, Cavendish


Ewan Sellers, AEL Mining Services, Republic of South Africa

                                 The Role of Borehole Diameter in Open Pit Blast Performance

Jonathan Puttock & Andrzej Pekalski, Shell Global Solutions, UK        

                                 Deflagration to Detonation Transition in Highly Congested Environments -

                                 The Buncefield Incident

Elaine Oran, NRL, Washington, USA

            Some Effects of Turbulence, Scale, and Background Non-Uniformities on Flame

            Acceleration, Detonations, and DDT

Jim Venart - New Brunswick, Canada

            Buncefield: Reconciliation of evidence with Mechanism(s) of Blast

Graham Atkinson - HSL, Buxton, UK

            Severe Unconfined Petrol Vapour Explosions

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