UKELG 48th Meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group 

Ignition and Explosion Hazards of industrial gas and fuel mixtures 



  Experiments with liquid hydrogen

Phil Hooker, HSL

 LNG source term spillage modelling

David Webber, HSL

Practical modelling &  hazard assessment of LPG/LNG releases

Tony Ennis, Haztech Consultants 

Modelling LNG vaporization rate following release 

         Velisa Vesovic, Imperial College 

CFD simulation of secondary flame explosion development above volatile liquid fuels 

        Neal Wannell  Imperial College  

A droplet vaporisation model for liquid cascades

         Aziz Ungut, Shell Global Solutions

 A physical model of the Buncefield gas cloud formation

Jerry Havens, Arkansas University

 CFD analysis for petrol overfilling incidents

Simon Coldrick, HSL

Practical assessment of vapour cloud risks at fuel depots and chemical sites

Graham Atkinson, HSL


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