“Explosion Safety – Assessment and Challenges”

9th to 11th July 2013

Cardiff University



Tuesday 9th July


Fundamentals and modelling


                             DDT in a vapour cloud explosion in unconfined and congested space, large scale test

                             Andrzej Pekalski, Shell


                             Mechanisms of Spontaneous Turbulence-Induced Transition to Detonation

                             Elaine Oran, NRL


                             Fire storms and large scale modelling

        Derek Bradley, Leeds University


                             Gas explosion modelling with PDRFoam

                             Jonathan Puttock, Shell


                             Blast wave propagation: a comparative study of two numerical solvers

                             Laurence Bernard, Bergen University/Gexcon


                             A new single step reaction model for propane explosions covering the entire spectrum of flame acceleration, transition to detonation and           detonation

                             Jennifer Wen, University of Warwick


Wednesday 10th July


                             Recent developments in area classification for gases

                             Roger Santon, HSL



                             Explosion by the ignition of a high pressure horizontal gas jet in a free or a congested area

                             Julian Sail, GDFSuez


                             Modelling of time-varying dispersion for releases including potential rainout

                             Henk Witlox, DNV


                             Experimental and Computational Evaluation of the Importance of Molecular Diffusion at Buncefield

                             Jerry Havens, Arkansas University


                             DDT - why it matters

                             Mike Johnson, GL                                            

                             DDT – experiments revisited and new insight

                             Olav Hansen, GL 


                             From then to now – have we missed something?

                             George Munday, ISAA Consultants


Condensed phase explosions


                             Flame propagation in dust clouds – challenges for experimental testing and modelling

                             Trygve Skjold, Gexcon


                             Overview of Explosives Safety and Assessments at AWE

                             Heather Lawn, AWE


                             Modelling of High Explosive Violent Reaction as a Result of Mechanical and Thermal Loadings

                             John Curtis, AWE


                             Measuring Radiated Thermal Output from Pyrotechnics and Propellants

                             Mike Williams, Cranfield


                             Radiative ignition of soot coated particles in butane-air mixtures

                             Peter Lindstedt, Imperial College


                             Huw Edwards 2nd Memorial Lecture

                             Elaine Oran, NRL


Thursday 11th July


Response to explosions


                             Current Research for Predicting and Evaluating Explosives Effects for Explosives Risk Assessment in the MOD

                             Ian Barnes, MOD


                             Experiments into explosive response undertaken at AWE

                             Chris Hughes, AWE


Explosion Incidents and Case Studies


                             Explosion incidents - a personal view

                             Geoff Chamberlain, Consultant


                             The Blast Failure of Buncefield Fuel Storage Tanks T910 and T601

                             Jim Venart, University of New Brunswick


                             Explosions caused by contaminated nitric acid – two case studies.

                             Ivan Vince, ASK Consultants


                             Incidents in the Steel Industry

                             Ben Burggraaf, TATA



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