UKELG 51st Meeting

United Kingdom Explosion Liaison Group 

Ignition and Explosion Hazards of industrial gas and fuel mixtures 

Imperial College 


    Peter Lindstedt (Imperial College)

The impact of fuel reactivity and flame development in turbulent flows


   Graham Atkinson (HSL)

Prediction of flame speeds in congested linear arrays


     Roth Phylaktou (Leeds University)

The influence of obstacle separation distance on explosion severity. Is our design database conservative enough? 


    Derek Bradley (Leeds University

Fundamental thoughts about detonation 


    Daniel Pugh (Cardiff University)

Characterisation of the varying combustion properties of compositionally dynamic by-product gases in steel manufacture 


    Djurre Siccama (Gexcon)

The effect of vegetation with various degrees of foliage on gas explosions.


Nick Hart (ITM Power plc

Recent developments in the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel


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