58th UKELG  Discussion Meeting

35th AnniversaryMeeting

“Explosion Hazards””

Tuesday 10th October – Thursday 12th October 2017

DNV GL Spadeadam Research and Testing Centre

Gilsland, Cumbria, UK



Engineering Models for Vented Lean Hydrogen Deflagrations


        Anubhav Sinba, Vendra Chandra, and Jennifer X, Wen, Warwick FIRE, School of Engineering, University of Warwick.


Drag Loading in Vented Gas Explosions


        Rob Crowe, Clive Robinson, and Mike Johnson, DNV GL


DOWSES & AIRRE, up coming research at DNV GL Spadeadam


        Dan Allason, DNV GL


Biomass for Power Generation, Experience writing the Energy institute Guide


        Alan Tyldesley


Dust: Knowledge and key gaps


Metal Dust Explosions


        Dave Burn, Fike


The importance of considering realistic blast waveforms and corresponding methods of

assessing structural damage when conducting quantitative risk assessments


        Christopher Stirling, Nicolas Misselbrook, Thornton Tomasetti Defence Limited, UK

        Lisa Nikodym, John Mould, James Wesevich, Thornton Tomasetti, USA


Predicting Blast Pressures at Long Range DNV-GL Trial -June 2017


       Rodger Munt, University of Salford


A review of CFD for simulating hydrogen explosions, and how to improve confidence in the approach   


        Prankul Middha and Steve Howell


Experimental investigation of vented hydrogen deflagrations in 20-foot ISO containers


        Trygve Skjold, Gexcon AS


Investigation of non-uniform Hydrogen / Air mixture flame acceleration and transition to detonation 


        Reza Khodadadi Azadbonia, Ali Heidaria, and Jennifer X. Wenb,*

        aFire, Explosion and Fluid Dynamics Research Team, School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering, Kingston University London, SW15 3DW, UK

        bWarwick FIRE, School of Engineering, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL, UK


CFD Analysis of Vented Lean Hydrogen Deflagrations in an ISO Container


        Vendra C. Madhav Rao & Jennifer X. Wen

        Warwick FIRE, School of Engineering

        University of Warwick, UK


Explosion risk in hydrogen facilities – balancing simplified and comprehensive approaches


        Olav Roald Hansen, Lloyd's Register