“Explosion Data Generation”


Thursday 23rd April 2015

Health and Safety Laboratory

Harpur Hill, Buxton, SK17 9JN






         Explosion venting data: A single maximum over-pressure is not sufficient

Roth Phylaktou, University of Leeds


          Energetic properties and testing methodologies of oxidising substances

Anna Martinez and Stephen Graham, HSL  


         Solid Explosives testing and recording procedures at HSL

Stewart Myatt, HSL 

Full scale testing at the Spadeadam Test and Research Centre
Dan Allason and Mike Johnson, DNV 


Laboratory diagnostics for explosion kernels, high speed deflagration and transition to detonation

Fabian Hampp and Peter Lindstedt, Imperial College London 

Industrial scale pilot studies of explosivity and over-pressure generation in hydrogen enriched hydrocarbon fuels”

Keith Moodie, HSL, Harpur Hill